Tanning Truths

Saying that sunlight is harmful and therefore should be avoided is as misleading as saying that water causes drowning, and therefore we should avoid water. This is according to Tanning Truth.com

In fact, the organization claims that there are two industries out demonize UV rays. Cosmetic dermatology and sunscreen manufacturers. The latter for obvious reasons, they want to sell you more sunscreen. Consider that the chemical sunscreen industry is a $6 billion business, controlled by a handful of major players. The industry pushes a daily sun-screen use, designed as a “fear-based purchase.” Today it’s supposed to be worn 365 days a year.

The dermatology industry competes head to head with tanning salons when it comes to treating psoriasis. If tanning salons were suddenly closed, the dermatology industry would gain another $5 billion in revenue for treatment of psoriasis. Dermatologists charge twice or three times as much for the same UV light technology.

Professional indoor tanning facilities promote balance and educate their patrons about the potential risks of UV overexposure. Consumers are required to read and sign consent forms that include warnings about potential eye damage, photoaging and skin cancer. Warning labels are found on every tanning device and almost always in other general areas. Professional tanning facilities require parental consent for teenagers who tan even though most states don’t require this measure.

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